Blunt Hammer is a data center consulting firm. We work with investors, management teams, owner/operators, municipalities and manufacturers on projects that have ranged from quarterly phone calls, to year long projects.

Our projects for 2014 include:

  • Consulting with a Bitcoin infrastructure company
  • Consulting with two modular data center pure plays
  • Performing data center marketing campaign for Midwest municipality & utility creating 100 new leads
  • Delivered business model for Bitcoin mining data centers
  • Sourced spot cloud capacity for 450,000 hours
  • Site Assessment completed using proprietary scorecard & methodology

Our projects for 2013 included:

– Delivery of a 150 page data center business plan to investors – nine months
– Site selection for 6 sites in the United States – two months
– Incentives analysis for attracting data centers – three months
– Producing a detailed market pricing study on 26 data center companies in six states – two months
– Consulting with six investment firms, as needed, to discuss valuations and market outlook – twelve months

Our Data Center Strategy expertise has come from 20 years in the business. We have started data center companies, leased over 100 MW on long term leases, helped Civilian Federal Agencies deliver cloud platforms and infrastructure, helped raise over $150M from investors to purchase existing assets, and helped municipalities design sites and a supporting strategy for attracting  data center development projects. We are data center industry insiders who deliver unprecedented expertise, concise deliverables, and have access to an industry that is largely insular, overly complex, and extremely profitable.

Call us and see what we can do for you in a single phone call, before you ever engage us for a project. Our first phone call is on the house, and our goal is decide if a proposal is the next step or not and for you to determine if we will make a good partner.

mark@blunthammer.com or 617.780.6932


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