Math of Bitcoin – IV

In this installment, I wanted to throw out some reference data for people trying to size their heat signature so they can make better decisions about where to host rigs for Bitcoin mining.

1 Rig = 4U

1 Rig = 2.5 Kw

1 Rig = 8,540 BTU

1 Rack of rigs (8 rigs) = 20Kw

1 Rack of Rigs = 69,000 BTU

1 Ton of cooling for every 12,000 BTU

So for one (1) rack of rigs, you’ll need 7 tons of cooling

400 tons of cooling per MW (355 Tons for 1.2MW) in most facilities

Figure .6 Kw per ton to run a chiller so 240 Kw per 400 tons

So for 1.2 MW/10,000 sq feet of space you can put no more than 57 racks in or 456 rigs per MW

So 912 TH/s is the hashrate per MW using Cointerra TeraMiner 



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