Air cooling’s demise?

I have been watching the developments with a company – Allied Control – for the past several weeks. The reason they intrigue me is that yes, they have an interesting technology, but more importantly they fundamentally change the approach of how to approach managing heat from computers. They have developed a liquid cooling solution that removes the thermal ceiling for chip design. This is important because it means that the ability to to cool chips is no longer a factor in design. Sure there are other factors to contend with, but a significant one is removed.

The total addressable market just ballooned because enterprises can now build and ultimately run more powerful computers in smaller spaces more efficiently and without the worry of burning a data center or office building down. The ancillary benefits are that it will not take tons and tons of air conditioners to cool lots of these hotter boxes which amounts to significant energy savings on top of technology that is far less expensive to deploy in the first place.

The other thing I find compelling is that their solution is attainable. I just saw this article over at Gizmodo and while impressive as far as computational speed and coolness factor go, the DWave2 at $15M is impractical for most organizations and besides you need to have an environment 150 times colder than deep space (and two degrees above ABSOLUTE ZERO) and a vacuum that is 10 billion times less than atmospheric pressure which I also thinks means stronger than a Dyson vacuum. I live in New England and own a Dyson and even if I had the $15M I am sure I would still not have the right environment to run it in, aside from the $15M being able to buy a lot of chum for bluefin tuna fishing this year.

Keep an eye on Allied Control – it changes the game fundamentally like when props were replaced by jet engines. This is a new jet engine for computing and data centers, and while it may or may not be the demise of air cooling, the only time a see a biplane is at an airshow. Well before the Blue Angels take to the skies…

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