A Top Data Center Consultant’s 2013 – Year in Review

For Blunt Hammer Consulting, 2013 was pretty interesting. 

We started the year continuing work with a group on the West Coast to develop a business plan of deploying modular data centers. We exited the year working with a midwestern municipality that surprised us quite a bit with what they have to offer as a legitimate data center site, and with a cabinet manufacturer that has designed and manufactured some of the highest quality product we’ve seen that is backed by a 99.9998% customer satisfaction rating (measured by returns).  In between, we worked with six other clients consulting about business formation, gaming infrastructure, the financial outlook for the data center industry, and short term ‘state of the industry’ type engagements. It was busy.

On a pure business standpoint, our revenue was up over 100% and our profitability was not only maintained, it grew. It was an awesome year looking back, and 2014 looks even better and here’s why:

1. Clients (and prospective clients) we talk with are less interested in good enough and are genuinely interested in doing better by trying new things. They are speaking with their checkbooks.

2. Our specialization in modular data centers. The business of modular continues to grow in spite of those who are still stuck on defining what it is. All that says to us is that if you still need a definition, you’re not ready for what’s here. If you don’t have a strategy for it, then you aren’t part of doing better, you are legacy. In this industry it means jumping the shark.

3. The value of what we do is increasing exponentially. The number of times we have heard ‘but they add no value’ this year dwarfs the past three years combined. We get calls from people looking to find another way to select data centers besides talking to a real estate broker who wants to talk cap rate instead of adiabatic cooling and its actual effect on PUE. Sorry brokers, step up your game (or call us) , your clients are talking to us.

4. The data center industry is moving towards being the next utility, something we have been saying since 2007. People are less concerned WHERE they get their reliable computing resources from as they are THAT they get the most reliable computing resources. The ideal is now that norm – always on. Period. 

We hope 2014 is a year of continued growth for us and for our clients, that it’s another year of exceeding expectations, and ultimately that we find $40M for a project to cannibalize the complexity of a data center and do better. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us at Blunt Hammer!

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